Certified Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer


"Pilates saved my life. Joseph Pilates' method is not only a workout, it's an important foundation for a strong, and healthy skeletomuscular system in order to live life to the fullest."- Melanie

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN //  In high school, Melanie started to develop a passion for dance. She auditioned for the Color Guard team in her hometown of Whittier, California. She enjoyed it so much, she stayed involved all four years, becoming Captain her Junior and Senior year. Four years later, Melanie joined a non-profit Color Guard performing group. With Genesis Ensemble, they traveled across the nation to perform in competitions leading up to Championships in Dayton, Ohio.

FINDING HER PATH //  In 2014, Melanie took part in the Dance Program at Fullerton College learning a variety of classes. She felt she was missing something from her life. Dance alone was not enough. In late 2015, she discovered the Pilates Program at Fullerton College. Over the years from performing, chronic low back pain and lingering injuries, were taking a toll on her body. Practicing Pilates daily opened her eyes to realize the benefits, and reversal process of pain into strength it provided for her.


PILATES WITH MEL //  In Fall of 2016, Melanie was working at her local 24 Hour Fitness gym as a Kid's Club Attendant during the two-year Pilates Program. At work posters for POP Pilates caught her attention. She fell in love with the class, in addition to finding Blogilates fitness videos on YouTube. She was inspired by her local POP Pilates Instructor to become certified. Since 2016, she has been spreading the POP love to members across multiple studios and gyms. Second to traditional Mat and Reformer Pilates, POP has been one of her favorite classes to teach. Melanie grew her passion for fitness and became a successful Personal Trainer in 2018.


Melanie is furthering her education in Kinesiology, and furthermore, to continue her education towards Physical Therapy.